Frustrated with Your Team? Try These Tips.

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In this “in between the interviews” episode of Growing Through It, host Jen Arnold delves into three insights from her interview with Rucker Taylor, who shared his leadership frustrations and how he got through them.

Key Themes and Takeaways:

  1. Reflecting on frustration: It’s normal to have frustration in leadership roles but extended frustration indicates an underlying issue. Jen shares her own leadership frustration story, expressing regret for not examining her approach when a team member faced challenges. It’s a reminder that self-reflection is crucial in leadership.
  2. Paint a clear picture: No one can read your mind, so don’t expect them to. Instead, paint a crystal-clear picture of the outcome you want to see. You don’t need to tell them how to get there. Empower your team members and provide the necessary support for their success. Recognizing and nurturing individual strengths can lead to powerful outcomes.
  3. Discover your leadership style: Each of us has a natural way we lead but sometimes we question if it’s the “right” way. Pay attention to the script in your head and check your outcomes – are you happy with how your team is functioning?

Leadership is a journey, and each insight brings us closer to becoming the best version of ourselves. Be patient in finding an effective leadership approach. This episode is a powerful reminder to embrace your unique leadership journey.

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