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Putting off that conversation that needs to be had? Think again.


Is there a conversation you’re putting off?

Are you stressed even thinking about that performance review you need to give?

Have to address a situation but afraid of how they’ll respond?

All of these are situations you’ll find yourself in as a leader.

You know you need to address a situation but because it feels uncomfortable, something keeps getting in your way.

After all, your day flies by so fast.

Meanwhile, your direct report thinks all is well. The rest of your team notices you’re not addressing the issue, which undermines your leadership.

The more time that goes by, the harder it is to say something.

You may be wondering, “is it even relevant to bring it up at this point? Maybe I’ll wait until it happens again, then I’ll address it.”

Because you’re human, avoiding uncomfortable situations is 100% understandable. Let’s not pretend these conversations are easy.

But they need to happen. As a leader, it’s your job to have them. We’re here to help you have them in a way that builds trust and engagement.  

Got Sweaty Palms Before Giving Feedback? You're Not the Only One!

If you saw a person with a bit of red marker on their nose, would you say something? 

If you said no, you’re not alone. A recent study found that ONLY 4 people out of 212 actually did! Most people don’t want to offer feedback in a low-stakes environment. What about when the stakes are higher, like at work with our direct reports or even worse, with our managers?

Let’s be real. The stress starts even before you give the feedback. 

We overestimate the negative consequences and underestimate the benefits for the other person, getting in our head about how bad it’s going to be. We anticipate the other person’s reaction, which is typically not favorable.

And when we’re actually giving feedback, not only are we anxious, but so are the ones getting the feedback. One study showed that heart rates jump up as much as 50% during feedback!

Giving feedback while anxious leaves us close-minded and judgmental, giving unclear and vague feedback that’s not extremely helpful. Both parties walk away with a “what just happened here” feel. 

We’re here to help you psyche yourself up instead of out and focus on moving past your discomfort to give your team the gift of meaningful conversations

Why Meaningful Conversations Matter

Gallup found that 80% of employees who say they’ve received meaningful feedback in the past week are fully engaged. They also found that engagement is the highest among employees who meet with their manager at least once per week.

It didn’t matter how many days they worked in the office, what mattered was the frequency and quality of the conversation. 

But these meaningful conversations aren’t happening…

Another Gallup study found that among nearly 15,000 employees, only 16% said the last conversation with their manager was extremely meaningful.

With Gen Z making up 27% of the workforce by 2025, we can’t keep this up.

Gen Z is asking for feedback done in a different way. They want their feedback timely, collaborative, empathetic, and balanced. Spoiler alert – everyone wants helpful feedback! 

Want to do feedback in a way that accelerates trust, collaboration, and results? Let’s talk.

Training & Coaching
to Grow Your Leaders

Our leadership development programs are customized with your culture in mind.

You’ll see a few sample programs we’ve designed to enhance the way feedback is delivered and received.


Leader Self-Awareness Inventory

Understand Personal Strengths & Challenges

“As a leader, the first person I need to lead is me. The first person that I should try to change is me.” — John C. Maxwell 

Self-awareness in leadership separates good leaders from excellent leaders. It serves as a foundation for strengthening the skill of delivering meaningful feedback. 

You can’t give meaningful feedback if you don’t recognize what’s standing in your way. 



The Art & Science of Delivering Meaningful Feedback

Effectively Deliver Feedback

Feedback isn’t just about words – it’s about how leaders show up to and through the conversation. But since both giving and receiving feedback can create anxiety in both parties, it can impact how we listen, if we stay open minded, and judgement-free.

This training focuses on how to unlearn traditional feedback methods and learn a new framework that will minimize threats and maximize rewards for both the giver and receiver.


Unlocking the Power of Feedback

Create a Growth Mindset Within Your Team

Everyone, from your superiors to peers and subordinates, thinks more highly of managers who actively seek out constructive criticism. But how can you ask for feedback in a way that doesn’t undermine your leadership?

This training focuses on how to ask for the feedback you need so your career continues to grow and develop. It then builds on how to bring this culture to your team so you can grow faster and perform at a higher level.

Need 1:1 support?
We offer both 1:1 and group coaching.
Let’s co-create a program for your leadership

"Early feedback is usually better than late criticism. Delaying the conversation or stringing someone along with indirect feedback won't make them feel better once the real issue is finally addressed. Nobody likes getting bad news, but everyone appreciates clarity."

Our library of on-demand courses was not cutting it!


Rhonda Ramirez Okurowski

Director of Talent Acquisition, People,
& Culture, Bighorn Law

After receiving feedback that our leaders were struggling to effectively lead their teams, we knew we needed some in-depth leadership development training. We needed a live, hands-on experience to make a difference — our library of on-demand courses was not cutting it!

We collaborated with Growth Signals to create a program for our leaders focused on developing skills for self-awareness, building trust, and delivering effective feedback.

Growth Signals made the concepts relatable and they helped us see our leadership challenges more clearly.

We’ve seen an improvement in rapport among our leaders and our turnover has drastically reduced. We wholeheartedly believe these changes are due to the leadership training that Growth Signals delivered.

Leadership Training
Programs Made to Stick

Partner with us to give your leaders what they really need to succeed: human connection, practical skill development, and supportive, hands-on learning experiences.


at the Core

We equip leaders with the perspective, skills & confidence to step into their authentic leadership each and every day.

Live Virtual & In-Person

We lead engaging in-person and live virtual workshops designed to help your leaders practice & bring the material to life.


Hands-On Coaching

Through coaching, we see leaders grow exponentially as they share & apply what they learn in the context of their work.


Ongoing Sustainability
& Support

We foster habit creation through training & coaching programs that grow capability over time.

It’s really simple. If you want to grow your business, it’s time to invest in growing your leaders.

Research by Gallup summarizes it best: 70% of variance in employee engagement is determined by leaders!

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