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Foster a culture where your employees & leaders can thrive, cope with stress & be adaptable in the face of change

Let’s face it, burnout is a major problem.


Today’s workplace is complicated, constantly changing, and full of stressors.

Your people and leaders keep getting asked to do more with less.

Not to mention the world outside of work isn’t a cake walk these days either.

The challenges are stacking up and you need a way to help your people cope.

Sound familiar?

Take a deep breath because we have a solution.


Over 50+ years of research tell us that resilience is developed through mindset, behavior & social support …and it can be created by anyone.

If your employees are struggling with stress, overwhelm or burnout, giving them yoga mats or organizing team events to blow off steam simply will not cut it.

Our neuroscience-backed workplace resilience training program helps people cope with stress and maintain their energy, clarity, and productivity so they can do their best work.

Everyday Resilience:
A Program for Cultivating
Resilience & Beating Burnout

The Growth Signals team has deep roots in the world of wellbeing and resilience.

We’ve distilled decades of experience and research into an engaging 4-part workplace resilience training to help your team create more resilience in the face of whatever stress and challenges they may be facing.


Your Stress Response

Identify personal signs
& symptoms of stress

Uncover stress-related
behaviors & what pushes people
into overwhelm

Underscore the importance
of sleep & self-care for
creating resilience


Emotional Resilience

Grow awareness of ability
to regulate emotions

Define emotions & identify
emotional challenges

Learn a framework
for managing emotions


Mastering Your Mindset

Learn how to respond
in the midst of adversity

Identify common negative
thinking patterns

Practice reframing
unhelpful thoughts


Finding Meaning

Continue exploring
a resilience mindset

Learn the connection
between resilience & purpose

Craft a personal
mission statement

What our clients say

The resilience workshop has helped me to not only master my resilience in the workplace but in my personal life as well. The class causes one to do a self-assessment, see the value in yourself, and empowers you to make the necessary adjustments to thrive through adversity.

Tasha J.
Director of Human Resources,
Lenoir Community College

Thank you, Jen, for bringing this resilience training to our hospital staff. You provided helpful tips and strategies that could be immediately implemented into everyday life. The interactive nature of the training and your relaxed and personable presentation style really engaged the staff.

Jennifer L.
Wellness Coordinator

This program was just what my team needed in a year of unpredictability. Jen turned concepts into actionable moments for the team in a positive and approachable way. As a leader, I now have a reference tool and a common language to support my team in challenging situations. I highly recommend this program not just for the content but for the opportunity to learn from each other in a supportive space.

Melissa S.
Sr. Director, Global Market Development

Culturally-Resonant Corporate Resilience Programs
Designed to Spark Connection,
Connect to Meaning & Support Your People


Relatable & Resonant Facilitation

Our facilitators candidly share what we’ve learned, creating a relatable training experience that can’t be replicated by on-demand courses.


Live Virtual & In-Person Workshops

We lead engaging in-person and live virtual workshops designed to help your workforce practice & bring the material to life.


Ongoing Sustainability & Support

We foster habit creation with supportive email series, smartphone wallpapers & self-paced courses.



We address emotional, mental, physical & spiritual dimensions, helping your people engage in what matters most to them.

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