Leadership Resilience Training

Managers have tough jobs. Give them the skills they need to thrive and build resilient teams.

Resilience Skills to Help Your Leaders Thrive

Managers have a challenging job – keeping their team engaged and feeling valued, managing up to ensure their team gets resources and recognition, attending countless meetings, and prioritizing the high volume of work that comes their way. Oh yeah, and a personal life full of competing priorities. For them to inspire and guide others to achieve ambitious goals, they need to quickly recover from change, setbacks, and challenges. 

Resilience Leadership Training Options

The Resilient Leader

It’s easy to forget that leaders need tools and resources to successfully manage their own stress. If they aren’t able to manage their stress, it can trickle down to their teams, creating disengagement, lower productivity, and turnover. This 90-minute session will explore three strategies leaders can use to strengthen their personal resilience, helping them lead in the face of any obstacle.

Building a Resilient Team

With the constant change we have experienced in the last two years, employees around the world are exhausted and burnout is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, the rate of challenges and change are not slowing down. A Mercer report states that 97% of organizations are planning significant transformation in 2022. This 2-hour session focuses on how leaders can guide their team through uncertainty, change, and/or challenging times. In this session, leaders will learn strategies on how to build the resilience of their team so they can better adapt.

Managing Change

Seventy percent of change programs fail to achieve their goals, largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support. The even worse news is that it can take two years to know those plans failed (NLI). On a positive note, when people are truly invested in change it is 30 percent more likely to stick (McKinsey). During any organizational change, it’s vital to acknowledge that for most, change puts our brain in a threatened state, which creates emotions, a loss of focus, and anxiety. This session is for Managers who are leading through a specific change. The training covers how change can impact team members differently, helps identify for signs of overwhelm, and explores strategies to help employees adapt faster to change.

Custom Training Sessions

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