A Neurodivergent Leader’s Path: Navigating ADHD in the Workplace with Dr. Karyn Mathura, Employee Experience Lead, Global Markets, Citi

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Until recently, Dr. Karyn Mathura felt like she had to hide her ADHD from her co-workers. Now, she’ll openly disclose her diagnosis, leading with vulnerability about her challenges. In this episode, Karyn candidly shares how she navigates leading in Corporate America while having ADHD.

We explore how ADHD is both a challenge and a superpower for her. Karyn openly shares her challenges – she can be direct, interrupt colleagues, has discomfort in social situations, and gets nervous presenting to senior leadership. She also walks us through how she overcomes these situations.

Karyn also thinks of ADHD as her superpower – adapting well to change, handling multiple projects at a time, and being an empathetic leader. She’s become an asset to her company and the many people she works with.

This conversation underscores the hurdles neurodivergent leaders face and the importance of creating an accommodating environment. You’ll gain valuable insights into the complexities of ADHD in the workplace, offering practical advice, and fostering a deeper understanding of neurodiversity.

Think neurodivergent leaders can’t be successful? Listen to Karyn’s story to hear how she has forged her leadership path in Corporate America.

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Karyn’s Bio

Dr. Karyn Mathura is currently the only Employee Experience Lead on Wall Street sitting in business in Global Markets at Citi. Karyn is a Neurodiverse Leader who is focused on sharing this superpower with others in the corporate world. She is focused on operational excellence, continuous process improvement, business transformation, process engineering, and organizational change management. Karyn is part analyst, facilitator, translator, mediator, consultant, mentor, coach, teacher, student.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, she has a 27-year-old daughter who is at the University of Michigan Law School.