Elevate Your Team’s Success: Mastering Career Conversations

Jen Arnold Headshot

In the dynamic realm of team management, one fundamental element stands out as a cornerstone for fostering growth and retaining talent: engaging in meaningful career conversations.

As managers, it is not just about overseeing tasks and projects but also about nurturing the professional development and aspirations of our team members. 

In this episode, your host, Jen Arnold, walks you through her Guiding Principles for leaders to have career conversations with their teams and five essential steps to get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Employees want growth and development opportunities. If they don’t get them, they’ll leave.
  • As a leader, your job is to initiate and support the career conversation, not drive it.
  • If your team doesn’t trust you, they won’t be honest with what they really want in their careers.
  • Clear is kind – be honest in their career path and where they’re tracking in relation to where they want to go.
  • Every team member, including the quieter ones, has potential for growth. Remember not to overlook anyone when it comes to nurturing talent and fostering retention.
  • A successful career conversation hinges on a well-thought-out framework. From preparation to asking open-ended questions and summarizing discussions, each step plays a crucial role in guiding these conversations toward fruitful outcomes.

You can download the Leader’s Guide to Navigating Employee Development Conversations mentioned HERE.

“I know a manager’s job is very busy, and feedback’s not something we love to do. But these career conversations are actually really a positive thing and also something that your team looks forward to.”

Jen Arnold