Organizational Fit, Navigating Change, and Asking the Right Questions

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In this “in between the interviews” episode of Growing Through It, host Jen Arnold delves into three insights from her interview with Rhonda Okurowski, who shared her journey leading in her first Fortune 500 company.

Key Themes and Takeaways:

  1. Organizational Fit: Rhonda’s experience underscores the important role of organizational fit in a leader’s professional journey. Large companies aren’t for everyone, so don’t be afraid to look at smaller organizations or even start-ups. Aim to match your values and growth aspirations with what’s possible in that organization.

  2. Ask a lot of Questions: When your boss asks you to do something and there aren’t a lot of details, ask for them to clarify. Questions like, ‘how does this fit in with my current deliverables?’ or ‘what does “done” look like to you?’ can help you draw out the details.

  3. Empathy and Understanding During Change: Changes to our normal work routine require extra brain power, making it feel difficult, especially at the start of the change. Leaders can be empathetic to the changes, and support their team with additional tools, resources, and time so the change can be successful.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or an aspiring one, this episode offers valuable wisdom and practical guidance for navigating the complex terrain of organizational fit and change.